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If you plan to or are currently sending songs to Record Labels, Publishers, Managers, Songlink, Taxi etc in hopes of getting them cut by a recording artist or placed in film and television, you need a professional standard recording of your song to compete with all of the other song demos the music industry pro’s are hearing every day from established songwriters and publishers. It’s an unfortunate reality that some great creative song ideas may not get heard simply because the quality of the demo does not meet the standards, and not all artists with a great song idea have the technological recording know-how or access to musicians who can play all the instruments required.

Demostudio is a service designed to deliver industry-quality songwriter demos at affordable rates to leave you, the artist, free to concentrate on making more of your song ideas a reality!

1. You send us your song in whatever format you have - it could just be a vocal melody line!

2. We will take your song, record it with professional musicians and singers and mix it to the appropriate standard. You can even select which vocalist you would like to sing your demo from our VocaList.

3. We give you back a recording of your song that has the required professional industry sound quality.
We will keep in contact with you throughout the entire process of the recording and you are more than welcome to join us via Skype for any of the recording sessions.

You can rest assured that your song demo is in very capable hands and we do it like no other.  From beginning to end we take care of everything and we will deliver on time.

We create song demos in virtually every genre of music, so contact us today and let's talk about your demo project!